Rachel Palumbo's dynamic edge as a director is a testament to her colorful upbringing. Born and raised in Mexico City, she travelled between Latin America and the US for much of her childhood. Settling in Minnesota after her mother passed away when Rachel was just 16, she solidified an ability to see the beauty in the mundane at a young age. Rachel then exercised her artistic identity through blogging and photography, interests that led to her travels in the Philippines, France, Monaco, Italy, and the UK to name a few. It were these travel experiences that in part fueled Rachel's desires to pursue a career as a film director. 


Rachel studied Film at Biola University in California. During her studies she successfully completed an internship in the South of France which lead to Rachel filming at the Cannes Film Festival the following year. 

After making the permanent move to LA, Rachel balanced script coverage at Guy Ritchie’s company on the Warner Brothers’ lot while making Sapere Aude, a film that explores and represents humanity’s subconscious emotional experience through gripping visuals. Premiering at “Hawaii’s answer to Sundance” - the Maui Film Festival - ’Sapere Aude' was later picked up for distribution on Amazon Prime. 


Rachel went on to direct the short film ‘Rocket Man,' a story exploring the complications of ambition and friendship. ‘Rocket Man' screened at SOHO House West Hollywood and received positive notices in Film Threat and Period Magazine, and premiered internationally in 2019.